Game 74, A's 7, Mets 3 (34-40) (short)

By Jason Wojciechowski on June 22, 2011 at 12:05 AM

In the interest of having something up on the site about the A's game I just got through watching before I go to bed and before I do my real recap in the format you're used to around my lunch hour tomorrow, here is one paragraph about the win, with this paragraph and the last paragraph of the post padding things out so it looks non-ridiculous on the page.

The A's won their sixth straight game, pulling all the way to 1.5 back of the Angels for non-last-place, with, as you can tell from the score, an all-around performance, with the offense probably doing the most important (or at least most atypical) work. The bats made noise early, although perhaps it's more accurate to say "the batting eyes", since much of the A's damage was done via a willingness to take pitches out of the zone that Dillon Gee was only too happy to serve up. There wasn't a lot of thundersticking, but there was just enough putting balls in play with runners on base, even if those balls resulted in run-scoring outs (I recall three such balls, including one double play), to push across a handful (plus two) of the myriad baserunners that Gee so generously let on. "Here guys," he said. "It'd be inhospitable of me to have you in my house and not let you enjoy the use of these lovely bases."

There's not much you can say managerially or in terms of team-wide commentary about a 7-3 win, though, especially when you missed the entire last week of A's baseball due to your hotel deciding that $11 for internet is a reasonable fee. More tomorrow.