Game 89, A's 0, Rangers 6 (39-50) (brief)

By Jason Wojciechowski on July 8, 2011 at 1:00 AM

The A's got shut down by Derek Holland, only finally mounting a threat with two men out in the ninth inning. Rich Harden did 2010 Rich Harden things instead of 2011 Rich Harden things ("2011 Rich Harden things" being just his single good start in Oakland a few days ago). I watched, and took notes, and will hopefully recap (despite missing Game 88's full recap -- I have the notes, I just never got around to it), but I'm not exactly inspired.

One thing I am inspired to do is yell at for only providing the Rangers' feed for this game, putting the FSSW coverage on both the Home and Away selections on my Roku. I've watched Rangers broadcasts before, and I hate it. Tom Grieve annoys me, father of one of my favorite A's ever or not, they have a guy who walks around in the stands and interviews people even as pitches are being thrown, and they have a penchant for flat-out missing action. Most egregiously in this one, an entire Chris Carter at-bat, less half of the final pitch, was simply ignored in favor of a Dick Williams clip show. Maybe I just don't have the proper level of respect for Williams, but c'mon: this is a baseball game, right?