Pitcher-change theater

By Jason Wojciechowski on July 20, 2011 at 12:05 AM

I actually have not finished watching the A's game yet (although, here in the fifth inning with the Tigers standing on a 7-3 lead, my prediction of an 8-4 Detroit win is looking swell), but I wanted to note this because it was bizarre.

Guillermo Moscoso gave up a homer to Carlos Guillen to right-center. It was unclear in real time whether a fan had reached over the wall to grab the ball or whether it had bounced off him on the other side of the wall and come back into play. Bob Melvin came jogging out and asked for a replay, which he got. When the umpires ruled the ball a homer, Melvin came back out to take the ball from Moscoso. But Moscoso didn't have a ball because the umpire hadn't given him a new one yet! What to do? Shake hands with Moscoso and send him to the showers? Nope! Melvin turned around to the umpire, gave the universal sign for "baseball" (cup your hand in the general size of a ball and wiggle it) and waited until a ball was provided to Kurt Suzuki, who handed it to Moscoso, who made the traditional hand-off to the waiting Melvin.

I don't know if you'll all find this as hilarious as I do, but here's hoping.