Favorite A's pitchers of all time

By Jason Wojciechowski on July 30, 2011 at 11:05 AM

A few weeks ago, when Mark Ellis was traded, and in response to Ken Arneson saying that Mark Ellis was one of his top [five?] favorite players ever, I decided to make my ranked list of favorite A's position players of all time. That list is here. The list revealed certain things about my ballplayer preferences, mainly that I really really like fat, slow guys.

I've been told by sources that Ken is now working on his Top 25 Pitchers list, so I decided to build mine as well. This time, though, I'll include a few words on each pitcher. Away!

  1. Mark Mulder - always loved his efficiency

  2. Dallas Braden - the perfect game, grandma, the 209

  3. Steve Karsay - no idea at all. Maybe it's this weird residual "oh he must be awesome if we got him for Rickey" thing that's never gone away. Maybe I really really liked his Upper Deck card in 1993 or something.

  4. Ron Darling - his Mets broadcast work has probably pushed him up a few spots, but I can't separate that in my mind

  5. Brandon McCarthy - Twitter

  6. Dennis Eckersley - c'mon

  7. Rich Harden - the way his fastball jumped out of his hand in 2004. He should've been Justin Verlander

  8. Justin Duchscherer - the cutter + the slow curve + the inscrutability

  9. Brett Anderson - love the way he wears his hat on the bench

  10. Tim Hudson - the splitter
  11. Dan Haren - throws like 17 pitches and it's impossible to tell them apart
  12. Brad Ziegler - who doesn't love a submariner
  13. Keith Foulke - I love change-up closers
  14. Jim Mecir - the man could barely walk but built a major-league career out of 

    a screwball!

  15. Trevor Cahill - the two-seamer
  16. Ted Lilly - something about his weirdly long stride and his surprising 

    strikeout ability always appealed to me

  17. Billy Taylor - the homeless man's Eckersley. Bonus points for being part of 

    an all-time Beane Trade

  18. Chad Bradford - see Brad Ziegler
  19. Grant Balfour - an Australian reliever who throws hard and cusses more than 

    anyone? Duh

  20. Kenny Rogers - the pickoff move
  21. Doug Jones - [his Score Dream Team 

    card](http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_0aBINN8Arwc/StFPKQ7cX-I/AAAAAAAAFQc/SrZZ3cfk6qk/s320/DreamTeam-DougJones-front.jpg). Also, the mustache and the changeup. And the even slower changeup.

  22. Bobby Witt - Armando Galarraga before there was an Armando Galarraga
  23. Curt Young - autographed a baseball card through the mail for me
  24. Gil Heredia - the homeless man's Ron Darling
  25. Steve Wojciechowski - honorary