Jane Lee's latest mailbag

By Jason Wojciechowski on January 23, 2012 at 10:20 PM

The headline here was going to read "and other A's links," but nothing jumped out at me, so:

Jane Lee has a new mailbag up, and as with all mailbags, the questions (and occasionally the answers) are hilarious.

The first question, about what the deal is with Manny Ramirez, is totally legit, and Lee mentions that she hasn't been able to get confirmation of Oakland's interest in the DH candidate.

From there, though, the thing devolves. First comes "is Rich Harden on the roster" which is something I'd tend to ask Google, "is Sean Doolittle really a pitcher?", ibid., and "what about Hideki Matsui?", which ... please don't ask about that. Let's not remind Billy Beane that he's available. Are there actually fans who want to watch Matsui? We can fight all day over Seth Smith and Jonny Gomes vs. Collin Cowgill and Michael Taylor, but at least it's reasonably certain that Smith/Gomes are better hitters right now than the latter two. Who is Matsui better than?