FanFest photos, Manny, and more A's links

By Jason Wojciechowski on January 30, 2012 at 5:15 PM

Here are some FanFest photos from Rhamesis Muncada at New A's Ballpark, which I've been neglecting to link here before. I keep my eye on the site, but I try to avoid engaging with the ballpark issues too much because I fear that I'll get sucked into it and spend all my time thinking about redevelopment law and waterfront property values. Let me just direct you, dear readers, to that site, which you surely already know about, for all your new ballpark needs. Those are the dudes for real.

YonYonson at FK also has some photos, including a genius one of Jonny Gomes and his hair.

David Schoenfield doesn't see the A's signing Manny Ramirez when they've already got Chris Carter and Brandon Allen and Daric Barton. I don't disagree as to the "should" of this one, at least on the field, but I've given up trying to predict what the A's will do this off-season.

Via FK, where monkeyball pooh-poohs the idea, here's Marc Topkin speculating about Kurt Suzuki being traded to the Rays. (Well, it's about a bunch of things, but there is such speculation in there.)

Here's the Brandon McCarthy part of the blogger Q&A from FanFest over at Athletics Nation. The "doctorwojo" question isn't actually me -- if I remember correctly, that was David Wishinsky. I'll make some appearances in the other transcriptions, of Cliff Pennington, Seth Smith, Josh Reddick, and Bob Melvin.

David Fung at AN has a look at some projected standings as generated by Marcel. The A's, once again, come out pretty damn decent. One possible issue to note is that Marcel doesn't account for parks (intentionally -- that's not a bug or something), so the projections for guys like Seth Smith and Josh Reddick and Jonny Gomes will likely reflect something other than what they'll actually be capable of in Oakland.

Bullpen Banter has Derek Norris at the #73 prospect in baseball.

In beloved ex-A's news, Matt Stairs is going to work in television at NESN. That's Boston. He'll be a studio guy.

Jon Shepherd at Camden Depot looks at cities to which MLB could expand, which doubles, if you're pessimistic, as a list of cities to which the Giants want to shove the A's. (I'm anti-Las Vegas, by the way. It's no closer, practically, than Oakland from where I am, and it would, I believe, put the team into my blackout area.) ((This assumes that I'd remain a fan if they moved to Las Vegas. You root for laundry, and there's no reason for the laundry to change, but it'd be a rough bundle of emotions, and I'm not sure what I'd do.))