Seth Smith and teams that lose too much: A's links

By Jason Wojciechowski on February 3, 2012 at 11:15 PM

David Wishinsky has some notes from the Seth Smith part of the FanFest interviews.

Christina Kahrl, up at the mothership, has a very interesting look at the potential for MLB to have many 100-loss teams and what that says about the changed competitive landscape in baseball and the fight to find the next market inefficiency. The A's are obviously a big part of the piece, but I'd recommend reading it even if this were a Yankees blog.

Matt Kory has a piece at Over the Monster about Manny Ramirez, whether he makes sense for the A's, whether he makes sense in major league baseball, and what he might do if he's allowed to pick up a bat.

Todd Coffey won't be on the A's after all.:

Manny Ramirez might still be, though. Here's the Enrique Rojas story in Spanish, listing the A's, Blue Jays, and Orioles as options.

In ex-A's news, Greg Smith is coming back to the AL West, this time in Anaheim.:

More ex-A's, more Baltimore news: