Rich Harden, Keith Law's Top 100: A's links

By Jason Wojciechowski on February 9, 2012 at 4:45 PM

It turns out that Rich Harden has had a torn shoulder capsule since 2007. Do you know how long ago that is? Look at the date of this post and then do some subtraction. That's a long time! A really long time! Harden has basically been pitching through this with adjusted mechanics for the last four seasons. One has to wonder what he'd have done had he just had the surgery all the way back then and sat out the year. What happens in 2009-2011?

Grant Brisbee has a nice piece about the baseball-tragedy that is Harden's never-ending rehab-session of a career.

John Verburg at Motor City Bengals has a list of breakout players for 2012 and includes Josh Reddick on said list.

Richard Griffin ranks all thirty teams for The Star, with the A's 27th. I feel like they're better than the Orioles, though.

Josh Muller, whose blog I've just discovered looks at the A's storylines for spring training.

Matthew Pouliot does a roster rundown of the A's.

A.J. Cole is Bullpen Banter's #33 prospect.

Keith Law's Top 100 prospects ($$$) includes a small bevy of A's. I figure I'll tell you who's on there and who's ranked highest, and that's enough. You can get a subscription for the rest, including Law's writeups:

  • Jarrod Parker (#31)
  • A.J. Cole
  • Sonny Gray
  • Michael Choice
  • Derek Norris

The A's, as you can see, don't have a single huge talent, but they've got a small mass of very good ones.