Yankee Stadium

By Jason Wojciechowski on April 11, 2004 at 4:48 PM

As promised, I went to Yankee Stadium yesterday, and caught the Yankees losing to the White Sox. Jorge De Paula started for the home team, and had some trouble in the early innings. He settled down as the game went on, but the Yankees were effectively buried by the five runs the Sox scored in the first two frames.

The middle innings were uneventful, as De Paula and enemy starter Mark Buerhle both settled into a nice groove, getting lots of pop outs and each fly balls. According to the box score, both got only a few more fly outs than ground outs, though my memory is dominated by the pop outs to the middle infielders in the short outfield area.

Magglio Ordonez did the first inning damage, smoking a two run homer into left, about 100 feet in front of where I was sitting (deep left-field bleachers), and Jose Valentin smote a De Paula pitch to the opposite bleachers the next inning for two more scores.

The stadium itself is very nice, though I was certainly hoping that, it being Yankee Stadium, there'd be less of the between-innings distractions and annoying music that you find at sporting events these days. I assumed it'd be a little more stately than in Oakland, but I was, of course, wrong. Trivia games, bad music, subway car races, and the like all served to keep conversation with the people around you to a minimum. Maybe that's the idea. Personally, I think the point of going to a baseball game is so you can have a nice chat while there's no action happening. Obviously, I'm not cut out to own a baseball team.

It was a nice trip, cheap and fun, and I'm certain to go back, quite possibly to see the A's on April 28. They're also here on the 27th and 29th, but my class schedule says that I may not be able to make those games.