Well, that was gross

By Jason Wojciechowski on April 12, 2004 at 4:05 PM

The A's bullpen handed Seattle their first win of the year. That was ugly. I got to catch the game because of the continued MLB Extra Innings preview that, as near as I can tell, is showing every game that would be shown on EI, but for free. Arthur Rhodes let the game be tied with a rally in the ninth, then Chris Hammond got rocked in the tenth, as Seattle won 9-4.

This wasted a very nice outing from Mark Mulder, who gave up two runs in seven innings, and also wasted a decent offensive outing against Jamie Moyer, who the A's tagged for eight hits and three walks, leading to four runs, all in just five innings. I can't remember the last time the A's had a good game against Moyer.

Eric Chavez's first home run, and Erubiel Durazo's stolen base are the only other items of note. Chavez's home run was impressive, coming against lefty soft-tosser Moyer, as he managed to not bail on a pitch that, two years ago, he probably would have. It also showed off his tremendous strength, since it really didn't look like a ball that he could hit hard enough to get a homer, especially in a park notoriously difficult on left-handed power hitters.

Oakland's off today, then starts a long road swing in Texas on Tuesday.

Below is the updated New vs. Old table.

Mark Redman 1 3.00
Ted Lilly 1 6.75
Arthur Rhodes 4 4.50
Keith Foulke 4 0.00 ?
Damian Miller ? ? .222 .125 18
Ramon Hernandez ? ? .370 .435 27
Bobby Crosby ? ? .304 .158 23
Miguel Tejada ? ? .393 .346 28
Mark Kotsay ? ? .370 .360 27
Chris Singleton ? ? 0 0 0
Bobby Kielty ? ? .318 .545 22
Terrence Long ? ? .400 .333 10