More more draft pick capsules

By Jason Wojciechowski on June 10, 2013 at 11:20 PM

The draft is over, so this is starting to get delayed, and plus people who actually know stuff are now doing blogs about the players chosen, but I've got to get my say in, so here's where we left off:

611: Iolana Akau, Hawaii high school catcher. He's committed the U. Hawaii, which no matter how good he is or how long he's lived in Hawaii (his whole life seems like a reasonable guess) means he should be a tough sign. Got to love the A's cornering the market on Hawaiian catchers, though.

641: Scott Masik, Cal. State LA outfielder. He's a Santa Cruz native and a ginger who transferred from JC. He actually played at two JCs, but the first, San Jose City College, dropped its baseball program, so he transferred to Cabrillo. Suddenly I'm rooting for Masik because how many major-leaguers played at colleges that dropped their programs out from under them?

671: Trevor Bayless, U. San Diego right-handed pitcher. Born in Long Beach, but apparently grew up in Temecula (Riverside County) before heading to JC. Bayless was a reliever at USD with a good strikeout rate, too many walks, and a hilarious 16 runs / 8 earned runs line.

701: Josh Miller, U. South Carolina - Aiken catcher. Not even going to bother googling this guy.

731: Kevin Johnson, U. Illinois right-handed pitcher. Or this guy.

761: Jon Massad, Southern New Hampshire right-handed pitcher. Teammates of Junior Mendez, picked at 491 by the A's. Before this year, Southern New Hampshire had three draft picks ever, much less more than one in one season, much less more than one by a single team. I'm going to call him Jon "Secret Agent" Massad.

791: Kyle Wheeler, Belhaven College catcher. Belhaven is a Christian school in Jackson, Mississippi. I love Mississippi in theory but then again also. Wheeler was Belhaven's second-best hitter. Jason Hicks, an infielder, was not drafted.

821: Ryan Huck, Western Kentucky first baseman. He's 6'5" and 245 pounds, so he if he didn't hit 20 homers this year at Western Kentucky, I'll be disappointed. Let's find out. He hit 16. That's good enough. Huck was Western Kentucky's best hitter and it's not close -- he slugged .694 and the next-best guy, Steve Hodgins, a senior infielder, finished at .419.

851: Joe Bennie, East Stroudsburg University second baseman. Bennie is the fourth ever pick from his school. Joel Bennett, a 21st rounder in 1991, actually made the bigs for four at-bats.

881: Blake McMullen, University of Science & Arts Oklahoma (!) right-handed pitcher. Third pick ever from his school. Best previous player was Matt Mallory, who got 47 2/3 innings in the Sally League in 2008. Science Hill High School in Tennessee, by contrast, has had six kids picked.

911: Ben McQuown, Campbell University outfielder. Campbell actually has a long history of 27 picks going back to 1967, but not a single major-leaguer. I assume Ben is Rob McQuown's (of Baseball Prospectus) son. McQuown (the A's one, not Rob) is Hawaiian.

941: A.J. Burke, Western Oregon State right-handed pitcher. Again: 18 picks in the past, no major-leaguers. Burke's a 49ers fan and was the team's ace. He also only gave up two homers in 90 innings. He's the second A.J. the A's drafted in 2013.

971: Dominique Vattuone, University of North Carolina - Greensboro right-handed pitcher. Hoping to follow in Brian Moehler's (1993 sixth round) footsteps out of Greensboro. Has a flat-out ace name. He's a sociology major and his dad (same name) apparently sells cars.

1001: Joseph Michaud, Bryant University right-handed pitcher. This apparently used to be called Bryant College. It's in Rhode Island. Three players were drafted from there this season after what appears to be a total of five in the school's history to this point. I have a good friend from college whose name is Michaud. They're probably related.

1031: A.J. Kubala, Arlington Country Day (Florida, not Texas) first baseman. Javier Baez, Cubs uberprospect, came from ACD and it looks like four ACD kids got picked this year. Per this article, it sounds like ACD has essentially been recruiting kids out of Puerto Rico to play baseball for them. The school is apparently quite well known for its athletics, especially basketball, and has had accreditation issues in the past. Mm. And hey there was a brawl. Anyway, picked this late, I assume Kubala's going to college. Google says he's got a commitment to Kennesaw State. He's A.J. #3.

1061: A.J. Puckett, De La Salle High School right-handed pitcher. NOW YOU'RE JUST TROLLING US WITH THESE A.J.'s. What the hell, seriously. Puckett's got a spot at Pepperdine, so there's no way in hell he signs with the A's over three or four years in Malibu. Burlington, Vermont is nice, but, c'mon, MALIBU.

1091: Cooper Goldby, Yuba City High School catcher. Nice name, but 5'9" and 160 for a catcher? Goldby's buddy Chandler Eden (Yuba City got some names), a pitcher, got picked in the same round. This article says they're not going to sign. Goldby is going to Yavapai College (not "Yavapi," as the article says), which has produced a ton of professional players, including Curt Schilling. Eden, by the way, is apparently a legit prospect: "Eden was ranked the No. 70 prospect in the draft by Baseball America and No. 82 by" His commitment to Oregon State is very strong, though. For some reason.

1121: Francis Christy, Casa Grande High School catcher. He's committed to Oregon. Casa Grande is in Petaluma. What's the story with going to Oregon. Christy won't turn 18 until September, and Nick Faleris rated him a 4th to 6th rounder in May, so it's fair to assume the commitment is strong with this one.

1151: Hunter Mercado-Hood, De La Salle High School outfielder. Teammate of Mr. Puckett above. He's apparently going to San Diego, which is at least debatable against Burlington, but easily beats Beloit.

1181: Hayden Howard, Seward County Community College left-handed pitcher. Note: it's not this guy, but it would be awesome in a terrible way if it were. He got National Junior College something something something pitcher of the week one time.

1211: Dominic Miroglio, Bishop O'Dowd catcher. Tyson Ross went to Bishop O'Dowd. He's apparently going to UCLA. He's a quarterback, which means he's guaranteed to make the majors as long as he backs up someone good in college.

Go here and keep going back there for updated signing information. The A's have a smidge over $6 million in their bonus pool. The only signing so far is Dylan Covey, fifth-round pitcher out of San Diego, the one who was a first-rounder a few years back before a diabetes diagnosis. The A's inked him for $370k, which is apparently $12,300 less than the slot value for the pick, so that's $12,300 that can go to Bobby Wahl or Dustin Driver.

More as it comes in!