Reader email: Grant Green

By Jason Wojciechowski on June 27, 2013 at 5:33 PM

On June 26th, reader Mike emailed:

What's the org's view on Grant Green? He seems to be doing well, so I'm surprised he's not getting a shot at 2B.

My response:

Throwing a guess, but it kinda seems like it stems from the organization's love of Adam Rosales, combined with the fact that Rosales is more defensively versatile. (That's a weird thing to say given that versatility is essentially Green's hallmark at this point, but the A's are comfortable with Rosales at short and obviously are not comfortable with Green there at this point.)

If Green hit lefty, I bet they'd have given him a shot in place of Sogard by this point, but if the fight is between Green and Rosales, that's probably harder for Green to win, justly or not. (Though I tend to defer on minor-league guys -- the numbers are the numbers, but the scouts have a far better sense than I do of how those stats will translate.) If Rosales gets hurt, though, I'm very curious to see whether Nakajima or Green is the call-up.