Nasty relief work

By Jason Wojciechowski on May 21, 2004 at 2:31 AM

Continuing with Sunday, May 9th, as I prepare for my trip back to school to see friends graduate and visit some old professors. From all the way back last year.

  • Darrell May finally earned his first win of the year, giving up just two runs in seven innings to the "mighty" Boston offense. The quotes are there because Dave McCarty started at first and Pokey Reese is still the starting shortstop. I think it's safe to say that Trot Nixon and Nomar Garciaparra are making their absences felt.

    Reese, by the way, probably should have just stayed at home plate all day. He had a single and two walks, but made an error (his fifth) and was picked off by May.

  • Todd Helton and Aramis Ramirez traded tenth inning homers before the Cubs finally got to Jeff Fassero in the 13th. Joe Borowski and Shawn Chacon, the closers for each team, were the pitchers who gave up the homers.

  • Adam Eaton got roughed up in Florida. He gave up 6 runs in just 1.2 innings to the Marlins. Four of those runs scored on two homers, including Miguel Cabrera's eleventh. I'll say it again: was he supposed to be this good this soon?

  • Seattle scored six runs in the second against Donovan Osborne, but the Yankee bullpen kept them off the board from there on. Indeed, in 7.2 innings thrown by Bret Prinz, Gabe White, Paul Quantrill, Tom Gordon, Mariano Rivera, the Mariners managed just two hits and a walk. This stand-up work allowed the Bombers to claw their way back in, eventually winning by scoring two runs in the seventh against Julio Mateo and one in the eighth against Rafael Soriano. Rivera picked up his 12th save, and lowered his ERA to 0.49.

  • Francisco Rodriguez struck out five of the nine batters he faced in throwing a shut-down 2.1 innings to earn a save in Anaheim's ninth straight win, this time over Tampa Bay. As of today, 5/20, Rodriguez has struck out 33 batters in 21 innings. That's a pretty decent ratio, reducing to 11/7.