What's the deal with Josh Donaldson

By Jason Wojciechowski on June 12, 2014 at 5:17 PM

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Josh Donaldson, 2013 .326 True Average
Josh Donaldson, 2014 .323 True Average
PECOTA Weighted Mean, 2014 .287 True Average

But we know he's in a slump, right? We know this. He's slumping. From June 5th to 11th: seven games, 30 PA, .036/.100/.143. That's one hit (a homer, though), one walk, one HBP. That's a slump!

Sure, maybe, yes, I guess, fine.

July 9 to 21, 2013: 8 games, 33 PA, .129/.182/.226.

July 24 to 30, 2013: 7 games, 31 PA, .083/.290/.083.

Hell, as long as we're here: July 3 to August 6, 2013: 28 games, 118 PA, .212/.331/.293.

What Donaldson is or isn't doing, I think it's too early for concern, much less diagnosis and prescription. If Chili Davis wants to work with him on some things he's seeing, if Bob Melvin thinks he needs a mental day off, great. They have inside access to him. They know things about Donaldson to a level of granularity that we can't even emulate, much less replicate. So us, you and me? We're just going to have to wait this one out. (He'll be fine.)