The Landed Gentry Returns

By Jason Wojciechowski on August 22, 2014 at 3:11 PM


Where he will help keep someone like John Jaso, Stephen Vogt, Brandon Moss, or Josh Reddick from having to go to war against a left-handed pitcher. Or two! Since that's how many lefties the A's will face in this weekend's crucial series against the Angels.

In particular, Gentry's presence means that Bob Melvin can feel comfortable sitting Josh Reddick without losing anything on defense. (Compare, for instance, the results of playing Moss in right field instead of Reddick.) I don't know whether that's what he will do, but I'd maybe run something like this out against Hector Santiago and C.J. Wilson:

C: Norris
1B: Moss
2B: Callaspo
SS: Sogard
3B: Donaldson
LF: Gomes
CF: Crisp
RF: Gentry
DH: Freiman

I don't know whether Moss or Freiman is the better defender at first base, but I do know that Moss can play outfield, while Freiman cannot, and I'd rather have my more flexible player on the field for late-game shenanigans or emergencies.