Josh Reddick to start the year on the DL

By Jason Wojciechowski on March 27, 2015 at 8:56 PM

Word today is that Josh Reddick's going to start the year on the disabled list. Ben Zobrist will play right field in his absence, according to Susan Slusser quoting Bob Melvin. I've updated the roster page accordingly. I chose Tyler Ladendorf to replace Reddick because I think that makes the most sense with Zobrist moving to the oufield. Adding another outfielder seems silly.

The other option to replace Reddick is Billy Burns, and as a switch-hitter, there's a sense in which he fits into either lineup, but here's the thing: If Melvin is already committing to Zobrist in right field while Reddick heals, then that leaves only left and center for Burns, and we know he's not playing left because he's not a demigod. Which means center, which means displacing either or both of Gentry and Fuld. But that doesn't make sense, because if Burns were better than Gentry or Fuld, he'd make the roster over Gentry or Fuld. Ladendorf, by contrast, allows Melvin to continue shielding Sogard from lefties.

So what Reddick's absence adds up to offensively is: Ladendorf over Reddick vs. LHP and Semien over Reddick vs. RHP. The latter is an obvious downgrade, and despite Reddick's flailing approach against lefties, the former probably is, too: He's hit .229/.290/.400 against them in his career, and I have real doubts about Ladendorf bettering that line, platoon advantage or no.