By Jason Wojciechowski on September 23, 2004 at 1:28 PM

So, pretty much the A's suck, but the Angels suck worse. I'm not sure Oakland deserves to be in the playoffs this year, but my guess is they'll make it anyway, set up as the underdogs in the first round again, and go out in four games (they'll win Rich Harden's start), even if they do, through their own inability to win a game, end up meeting the Yankees in the first round instead of the Red Sox.

At least Barry Zito almost had a nice game last night. That's more than can be said about Mark Mulder's last ... oh, ten starts or so. Given the frequent Will Carroll comment that the A's keep injuries closer to the vest than any other team, don't be surprised if it comes out at the end of the season that Mulder's been hurt (with something that's non-threatening to his career and wasn't going to be made worse by pitching with it) for the past few months.

Is Nick Swisher going to be playoff eligible? I don't think he was brought up until September, but I also think that Oakland, given Jermaine Dye's difficult situation and Billy McMillon's general lack of contribution, could use an extra outfielder and will probably slip him through to the post-season roster on the basis of the rule that allowed Francisco Rodriguez to pitch for the Angels two years ago.

I'll stop whining about that rule if Swisher wins a few games for the A's in October.