By Jason Wojciechowski on October 19, 2004 at 12:00 PM

These games are simply going too late. I keep falling asleep and missing the end. The only ALCS game I've seen end was Saturday's debacle, and that's the one game I would rather not have watched, much less at a bar where I was paying $20 to watch it (well, not really, but drinks, you know).

Meanwhile, what the hell's with the scheduling? Didn't the ALCS and NLCS used to be played on alternate days or at very different times so that they wouldn't interfere with each other? Trying to schedule the NLCS game for three hours after the ALCS game's start time is ridiculous. I'd bet that playoff games last longer than regular-season games in general, because managers are far less apt to leave a pitcher in to take a beating, so they make many more pitching changes. I wouldn't be surprised if commercial time was allowed to rise a little in the playoffs, too, but I can't substantiate that.

Anyway, it's getting a little annoying having to pick one game to watch. While the Red Sox have made this series interesting, the Cards/Astros series has been a great one all along, especially with the Julian Tavarez excitement and Carlos Beltran hitting homers like there's no tomorrow. But I bet no one's watching.