Searches and comments

By Jason Wojciechowski on December 1, 2004 at 9:31 PM

I'm pleased that Andrew Koch linked to my last post, especially since his comment made me realize that I was probably being harsher than I meant to when I made the "payroll implications" comment that he mentions in his post. Sorry about that, Andrew!

Anyway, it's the first of the month (wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up), so it's time for a stats and searches wrap-up from the site. 'Cause it makes me happy, that's why.

November was my biggest month yet, with 1124 unique visitors, almost four hundred more than my previous high. My top actual referrer was, as usual, Baseball News.

Amusingly enough, the top search phrase for the month was "maureen dowd rolling stone picture." I've mentioned the two objects in that search in two different, but I've never actually mentioned the picture itself until now. I guess word of that picture really got around or something, though it's not like there's anything to see. I mean, Dowd is an attractive middle-aged woman, but she's just sitting on some stairs, if I remember correctly.

Yes, fully clothed.

All the various permutations of that phrase provided me with 112 referrals this month. Not bad.

Other good searches:

  • "jewish penis": This is about to become my site's second name. I mention the phrase once, in a stupid joke about a Seattle pitcher, and this is what it gets me. People with a weird fetish, probably.
  • "baseball": This is only notable because I must be on like page 200 of the google search for "baseball". Actually, using Google Rankings, I found out that I'm not in the top 1000 for that keyword, so I'm past page 100 somewhere. That's a lot of clicking.
  • "are there talks about trading jorge posada for tim hudson?": For the next person who gets here this way, let me just say I hope not. I've heard rumors, but I would hope the A's aren't interested. Actually, they have to definitely not be interested now, because they've acquired Jason Kendall, but even before, I'd hope they wouldn't trade their best pitcher for a catcher who's about to start aging any day now.
  • "difference between peeing in the pool and peeing into the pool": It's all about whether you're in the pool or outside it.
  • "karl malone mormon": Doesn't it seem unlikely?
  • "funny anti-marijuana commercials": Funny intentionally, or like that one where they run over the little girl coming out of the drive through? Because that was funny, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't supposed to be.
  • "freshdirect weed nyc": Still looking, and I still don't know why they're looking here!
  • "terrence long lawsuit": Maybe the A's are suing him for intense suckitude.
  • "tim hudson sucks": Actually, uh, he doesn't.
  • "food": Again, how on earth did they get to me?
  • "how good a shortstop was larry bowa?": I don't know, but we can use BP to find out. He wasn't a good hitter, ending up just about 50 runs above replacement in a few more than 9000 career plate appearances. His fielding probably grades out to average overall: he's got double-digit negative FRAA years and double-digit positive ones as well, with the extremes being +13 and -18. For his career, he ended up with +19 FRAA. Overally, he ended up about 60 wins above replacement in 2247 games. He wasn't terrible, then, but the Phillies and Cubs probably could have done better.
  • "mark mulder broken heart women": Finally, an explanation for the second-half slide!
  • "positives of bullying?": I'd guess they're few and far between.
  • "medieval yellow knight s name": I think they change and they don't always get to be the same knight, but I could be wrong about that.
  • "every body dance now": Or better, sit down and shut up now.

It's been fun! See you on New Year's!