A's lose sixth in a row

By Jason Wojciechowski on April 16, 2003 at 4:09 PM

When your team has 3.75 aces and a guy who's not all that bad, you're not supposed to have six-game losing streaks. Unfortunately, that's what the A's have had. Granted, they're to good teams (Angels and M's), and granted, they've been in every game, but six games is still a lot in a row for a team that's supposed to win the World Series.

What happened this time? Not enough offense (just three runs against Ryan Franklin), and Micah Bowie getting hit to lose it in the eighth.

Where'd that vaunted Oakland offense go? Miguel Tejada can't buy a base: he's gotten on base in just 26% of his 65 PA's, and that's hard to take from your number three hitter. Eric Chavez is getting on base (381 OBP), but not hitting for power (151 Isolated Power).

Scott Hatteberg is ripping stuff up, but he could be hurt now, which not only affects his hitting, but also pushes Erubiel Durazo into the field, which only serves to worry A's fans everywhere. Jermaine Dye has also started the season in a slump, hitting 231/300/365. Mark Johnson still doesn't have a hit, though at least he got a sac fly yesterday.

Essentially, the A's offense is three monsters (Ellis, Hatteberg, and Durazo), but one of those monsters is injured and one of them is injury-prone.

Things will get better. Miguel Tejada is overrated, but he's a very good hitter. Chavez is an excellent hitter whose power will come. Dye will come around. I really don't think Ellis is going to carry a 250 Isolated Power all season, but I could be wrong. Having a league-leading or close-to-league-leading doubles hitter is a wonderful thing at the top of the order, especially when he's fairly willing to take a walk, too.

Tim Hudson's got to get on track tonight.