Acquired Flow

By Jason Wojciechowski on February 3, 2005 at 10:17 PM

Over at Athletics Minors, Brian has added a great new "Tool:" In the left bar, click Tools, then click Acquired Flow. The name ... well, the name's gotta change, but the tool is neat. If you're unwilling to go over there until I tell you what it is, then here's an example:

Erubiel Durazo --Acquired via trade for Jason Arnold ----Jason Arnold acquired with Ted Lilly and John-Ford Griffin for Jeff Weaver in 2002 ------Jeff Weaver acquired via trade for Carlos Pena, Franklyn German and Jeremy Bonderman in 2002 --------Carlos Pena acquired via trade along with Mike Venafro for Jason Hart, Ryan Ludwick, Gerald Laird and Mario Ramos ----------Jason Hart drafted in 1998 ----------Ryan Ludwick drafted in 1999 ----------Gerald Laird drafted in 1998 ----------Mario Ramos drafted in 1999 --------Franklyn German signed as undrafted free agent in 1996 --------Jeremy Bonderman drafted in 2001, pick acquired for Kevin Appier ----------Kevin Appier acquired via trade for Jeff D'Amico, Brad Rigby and Blake Stein in 1999 ------------Jeff D'Amico drafted in 1993 ------------Brad Rigby drafted in 1994 ------------Blake Stein drafted in 1994

I've done some reformatting and whatnot, but you get the idea. For a whole bunch of A's players, we get an acqusition tree that shows every player involved in bringing that player to Oakland.

Anyway, go see it. And encourage a name change. Acquired Flow sounds like a nasty disease that'd keep you in the bathroom awhile (though it ought to be noted that I say that in a fond way, not meaning to be harsh or anything).