David Forst

By Jason Wojciechowski on March 11, 2005 at 2:57 PM

Not that Athletics Nation needs more publicity, but Blez has an interview with David Forst up right now. Forst isn't quite as forthcoming as Billy Beane was in his Q&A, but Blez asked some questions that no front office member would ask, so it's not surprising.

I hate to complain too much, and I don't know Blez's background as far as journalism and whatever goes, but does anyone else feel that his questions pack too much stuff in? Questions like

Blez: Mark Ellis seems to have come back better than ever. Even though it's only spring games, how impressive is what Ellis is accomplishing? Does he have the inside track right now over Ginter and Scutaro because of his defense? And how do you think his throwing strength is?

don't seem to really get answered as well as they could be because it's hard for the interviewee to focus on all the stuff, so he just ends up answering one portion of the question.