Stewart for Kielty

By Jason Wojciechowski on July 16, 2003 at 7:36 PM

ESPN's trade story.

I don't understand this deal at all from the Twins' end. They have a glut of outfielders, so they trade a good, young, cheap one for a good, young, expensive one. They'll also get a PTBNL in the trade, but that's not enough. They're missing middle infielders and maybe a little starting pitching (though that's debatable), but the outfield is a source of strength, not something that needed to be shored up.

For the Blue Jays, though, this is a very nice deal. They get a good young hitter who's not a free agent for another three years (though I think he's arbitration eligible after this year), and they dump Stewart's salary, as they were planning to do all year anyway.

We'll see who the PTBNL is later (obviously), but I'd be surprised if it were anyone of note.

One point for J.P. Ricciardi, none for Terry Ryan.