Ill-begotten Fame

By Jason Wojciechowski on May 29, 2005 at 4:32 AM

So over at, there's this:

In this week's Sports Illustrated, there is an article about how college students play online poker.

I don't subscribe to SI to read articles about online poker. If I cared at all about online poker, I would just play online poker. Even then I wouldn't want to read an article in SI about SI. Probably the best part of the article is how several times it namedrops game theory, which is probably not a direction the majority of SI readers are comfortable with going.

I guess it's cool that the article was written by a former contributor to, but basically SI is just crap that I throw in the recycling bin every Thursday night.

Well, ok, neat, except no, Daniel Habib isn't a contributor to my blog, nor has he ever been. Would that he were, because I think he's a good writer and one of the few forward-thinking minds that Sports Illustrated has going for them.

I can see where the confusion comes, though, because I once wrote this, with the title "Daniel G. Habib," which could cause confusion. It turns out, of course, that said post is the seventh result returned by Google for the search "Daniel G. Habib".

I happen, by the way, to be looking forward to reading that piece. The featured site in the artwork,, is where I do my poker playing, when it happens.