Mob or Politicians?

By Jason Wojciechowski on October 5, 2005 at 2:58 PM

There's an elementary school across the street from my apartment. Usually, it's quiet: I hardly ever even see children coming and going, probably because I leave too late to see them and I get home way too late to see them. But today, on which I don't have school, there's apparently something going on over there. There are two security-type guys hanging out on the sidewalk near a black Towncar with heavily tinted windows.

I'd suspect mobbery, but there's also a woman with them dressed in classic "Director of Somethingorother for the Whoever Campaign" fashion. The men have fairly sharp suits and the classic visible earpieces that are the hallmark of security guys everywhere.

I'm guessing Freddy Ferrer is visiting, though there was just a furor over another school visit he made. Apparently, New York City regulations don't allow candidates for office to go campaigning at public schools, so the candidates have to walk a fine line of going to a school reputedly for other purposes while still obviously doing the "make yourself visible" thing.

It's possible that it's Bloomberg himself over there, but I don't know if he'd visit with so little pomp. In all likelihood, it's some minor political celebrity who I haven't even heard of. Still, up here in sleepy Inwood, it's an interesting variation on the normal course of things.