A new California budget

By Jason Wojciechowski on July 31, 2003 at 5:48 AM

The New York Times tells me that a budget has been passed (free registration required). Unfortunately, the Republican hardline stance that did not let taxes be raised means that education and health care are taking more big hits.

Dave Cox, the Republican leader in the Assembly, said the budget was a compromise that protected vital state programs without raising taxes. In a statement, he directed a shot at Mr. Davis and the Democratic majority that might be a preview of the Republican line of attack in the recall campaign.

"Of course, Californians deserved more than the failed leadership they've received under Governor Davis, whose inability to govern devastated our state's economy and left us with an unprecedented $38 billion hole," Mr. Cox said. "There were no easy solutions, and though we proposed a budget that did not raise taxes, Democrats were not willing to make the difficult but necessary spending reductions to enact that plan."

Vital state programs like the public schools, Cox means? The right needs to get its collective head out of its ass and start sending their kids to these schools they refuse to fund. Hell, that'd make quite a law: any legislator, whether at the state or federal level, must have his kids attending public school. While I grant it wouldn't be that effective since the neighborhoods these kids are growing up in are sure to foster nice public schools, I'd love to see where our current president would be today had he not been allowed to go to Andover (or Exeter? I never remember).

This playing of politics is screwing around with American lives, and I don't understand why people stand for it. Yes, higher taxes suck in some sense, but they pay for things! I'd rather pay higher taxes if I didn't have to see Austen worried sick about whether the kids at her camp can afford the emergency medical care they need.