Community colleges commercial

By Jason Wojciechowski on March 25, 2006 at 9:48 PM

I have a new favorite commercial:

Open on 911 operator, middle-aged African-American woman, in call center.

Operator: Hello, 911.

Cut to frail blond woman in nightgown sitting on her bed with the phone. Her husband, scrawny, dressed in boxers and a t-shirt, is looking out the window nervously holding a wooden tennis racket.

Wife: Someone's trying to break into the house.

Cut to closer shot on operator.

Operator: Sorry, ma'am, our local community college had its budget cut, so we're a little short on police at the moment.

Back to the bedroom, where the husband starts to move toward his wife.

Wife: What?

Back to the 911 center.

Operator: Yeah, do you happen to have a rolling pin or a golf club?

Back to the bedroom, where the husband is now standing in front of his wife, knees slightly bent, cradling the flimsy tennis racket.

Wife: Uh, n-no.

911 center.

Operator: Can you do any kicks or pressure holds? How 'bout jujitsu?


Wife: Kujitsu?

Looks up at husband, who gives a disbelieving, exasperated gasp.

Blank screen with text: 83% of first responders.

VO: Less support for higher education means fewer trained police.

Fade-in below earlier text: are trained in community colleges.

VO: [Reads text]

Back to 911 center.

Operator: Are you limber? Can you run?

[End matter, website, more VO, etc.]

The commercial is absolutely made by the actors, particularly the 911 operator, whose delivery of the final line absolutely slays me.

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