Joe Lieberman proves himself lame

By Jason Wojciechowski on August 7, 2003 at 5:58 AM

Joe Lieberman is bashing the more far left elements of his party, as noted in this New York Times article, hurling insults like, "He's anti-war." Ouch. I'm sure John Kerry really felt that one.

I happened across some reference to the approval rating for the war in Iraq the other day, but I can't remember where. As I recall, something on the order of 30-35% of Americans disapproved. To characterize the people who have decided that invading Iraq was not the proper thing to do as the extreme liberals and activists and Hampshire College students of America is just flat out wrong. Lieberman isn't helping himself by speaking out against Howard Dean and John Kerry this way, because I believe that the number of people who are anti-war is only going to continue to get greater as we draw closer the election. Wag the Dog situations aside (and I won't put anything past the president), the whole thing is looking something like a disaster, especially financially.
Lieberman wants to bash Dick Gephardt for coming up with a huge health-care plan that leaves "no money to invest in jobs, to invest in our schools, to support our firefighters and cops, or shore up Social Security," (from the same article) but then wants to spend disastrous amounts of money to protect America's oil interests, leaving no money for firefighters, cops, teachers, Social Security, or health care.

I'm not sure who I support in this race as of yet (though Kerry appeals to me in certain ways, particularly my belief that he could actually win the Presidency were he to win the nomination), but it sure isn't Joe Lieberman.

We won't get into the whole hindsight game too much, but could Al Gore have chosen a VP candidate with a little more oomph back in the day? Lieberman's (self-proclaimedly) all about the centrist, Clinton-style politics. Well, Gore was Clinton's VP. Maybe the campaign could have used a little less Clinton and a little more good ol' Republican bashing.