Nontenders galore, including Kiko Calero

By Jason Wojciechowski on December 13, 2007 at 3:35 PM

As anticipated, the A's have nontendered Kiko Calero. This isn't as meaningful as it once was, with the abolishing of the "no resigning until May 1" rule, but after last year's terrible season and Calero's age (33 this year), I wouldn't be surprised to him him in another uniform next year. Even without Calero and with Justin Duchscherer moving to the rotation, the A's will have a number of guys vying for bullpen spots this year: Dallas Braden, Alan Embree, Huston Street, Jay Marshall, Santiago Casilla, Andrew Brown, Dan Meyer, and Jerry Blevins all come to mind, and that's without whatever minor league signings Beane makes in the next few months, or trades, or what have you. The A's also still have six starters (Harden, Haren, Blanton, Gaudin, DiNardo, Duchscherer), so it's likely one of them (DiNardo's my bet) will be in the 'pen for the two weeks or whatever that Rich Harden is healthy this year.

With the exception of Harden and Duchscherer, though, that's a pretty durable collection of starters (Blanton, Haren, and Gaudin all made 34 starts last year), so while Meyer and Braden could ostensibly see some time in the rotation, it hopefully won't be all that necessary.

Here are some other big names on the nontender list: Mark Prior (is a Frank Thomas-style deal in the offing? (not necessarily with the A's)); Johnny Estrada (odd, because the Mets just traded for him, but maybe not completely odd, because they also acquired Brian Schneider); Aki Otsuka (really good the last three years, but he's 36 already); Josh Towers (31 and has suffered through two terrible years after a wonderful 2005); Brendan Donnelly (still chugging along as a better-than-league-average reliever, but he's also 36); Dallas McPherson (never really got an opportunity to play, but also never cracked a .300 OBP); Mark Hendrickson (he's tall); Miguel Olivo (the outcry on some A's message boards when he was traded was amazing -- people had fallen in love with his 100 mph arm and forgotten that he can't hit a lick); Adam Everett (clearing the way for Miguel Tejada to play short?); and Nook Logan (one of the best names in baseball).