By Jason Wojciechowski on February 6, 2008 at 4:04 AM

About J.J. Redick, Stan Van Gundy had this to say: "People say, 'Well, this is a lottery pick.' Well, there's a lot of lottery picks sitting on the bench. Jermaine O'Neal sat for six years, you know? And then became an All-Star."

Um, first, Stan, Jermaine O'Neal actually sat for four years, not six. Second, Jermaine played 105 games over his first two years (and had nine starts), while if Redick plays every game the rest of the way, he'll have played 74 games his first two years. Third, Jermaine O'Neal was a raw high school big man who was 17 when he was drafted, while Redick was a polished college player, already 22, who has an obvious role he could fill even as a rookie: stand outside and shoot.

(Now that obviously over-simplifies things: Redick may not be ready to handle the NBA defensively (though query whether he'll ever be ready for that), they may think it's better to have him watching and absorbing the game than playing a mindless role, etc. But the point remains that Jermaine O'Neal is probably not an apt comparison for JJ Redick.)