A's beat the Jays; Jason has some thoughts on this

By Jason Wojciechowski on April 9, 2008 at 7:08 AM

The A's won a wooly one in Toronto tonight. I couldn't watch, of course, but I did follow the second half of the game on MLB's Gameday (still a remarkable tool, even if the video highlights are actually lamer on Windows (for being choppy and buffering to the point of unwatchability) than they are on Linux (for being in Windows Media format and thus not actually viewable), and I caught the meager highlights on Baseball Tonight. Some positive thoughts: Ryan Sweeney looks like he's got a nice swing, and a game-winning triple sure is a nice result from that swing; Travis Buck, off the schneid!, and with extra bases to boot!; Jack Hannahan's offense (a single, a couple of walks) continues to make us forget Eric Chavez, since Chavez wasn't any more of a power threat the last few years than Hannahan anyway; the bullpen is filthy, for the most part: Andrew Brown with two zero-filled innings of 95 mph heaters; Keith Foulke, continuing to not call it a comeback; Huston Street back on track with a disgusting slider to strike out Vernon Wells to end the game; yeah, Alan Embree gave up the bomb to the Hurt, but that happens sometimes, and all's well that ends well; and Kurt Suzuki! Granted, it's all singles, but you'll take all singles when he's hitting two of them every game.

Some less positive thoughts: Jack Cust has to wake up, because I don't think the team is going to have many nine-run games that involve him going 0-4; I hope Chad Gaudin is better than this next time, because with A's starters already dropping like flies, the healthy ones really need to perform up to snuff.