Francisco Elson update

By Jason Wojciechowski on July 18, 2008 at 3:23 AM

Here's a Francisco Elson update: link. The teams in play are Denver, Seattle (I'm not calling them OKC. I'm just not. It's like Anaheim instead of Los Angeles for the Angels. Ok, it's a little different from that. But still. I'm basically going to just pretend they still play in Seattle for at least the next year.), Charlotte, and New Jersey. Oddly, the story lists those teams plus the Lakers, but the writer says "and possibly the Lakers." No qualifier is used for any of the other teams. I guess that means L.A. is a longshot (which is kind of too bad, because you can certainly do worse for an inexpensive interior defender).

This story also conflicts with wherever I read before that Elson would not be returning to Seattle. Newer stories take precedence, though, so they're back on the list.

The updated free agent target list:

  • Ronny Turiaf -- four years, $17 million, front-loaded, Golden State (Lakers can match, but shouldn't)
  • James Posey -- Hornets, four years, $25 million
  • DJ Mbenga -- waiting for the phone to ring, I'm sure
  • Corey Maggette -- five years, $50 million, Golden State
  • Sun Yue -- Kupchak wants to bring him over, but no word yet on a deal
  • Kurt Thomas -- Spurs are his first choice? Lakers?
  • Brent Barry -- two years, $3.9 million, Houston
  • Craig Smith -- two-year deal to return to Minnesota
  • Carl Landry -- qualifying offer extended by Houston
  • Walter Herrmann -- big European money on the table?
  • Randolph Morris -- Atlanta?
  • Kwame Brown -- Bucks, Heat, Hawks apparently interested
  • Eduardo Najera -- undisclosed deal with the Nets
  • Juwan Howard -- ?
  • Robert Horry -- not retiring; Spurs or Rockets?
  • Francisco Elson -- Denver, New Jersey, Seattle, Charlotte, Lakers; Miami?
  • Theo Ratliff -- back to Detroit?
  • Adonal Foyle -- back to Orlando?
  • Quinton Ross -- with Brand gone, maybe the Clippers bring him back, but everyone is interested, including Phoenix, Orlando, New Jersey?
  • Bostjan Nachbar -- Detroit? With the Nets adding Najera and Jarvis Hayes, does that mean no room for Nachbar?
  • Dorell Wright -- qualifying offer from Miami
  • Sasha Vujacic -- qualifying offer from the Lakers
  • Patrick O'Bryant -- two years, $3 million, Celtics
  • David Harrison -- Denver?
  • Chris Andersen -- probably not Boston after signing O'Bryant; Cleveland? back to the Nuggets?
  • Primoz Brezec -- Seattle, Chicago, Miami?
  • Jorge Garbajosa