Talent overload at USC

By Jason Wojciechowski on August 13, 2008 at 2:00 PM

The best line in the article at below right is that USC can roll out a "clown car" of talent at basically every position. Which makes me wonder -- how on earth do they do it? What's the deal with these high school kids who look at USC and go, "Hey, you know where I want to go? A place where I'll ride the pine for four years because they've got All-Americans at every position." Why not go to UCLA, where you'll be a three-year starter? Or go up the coast a little bit to Cal or Stanford, or out of state to Oregon or Washington? Or to Arizona State? There are a lot of good programs in the vicinity of Southern California that these players can go to where they won't be stuck sitting on their thumbs, hoping to get a shot.

And this is far from unique to SC, of course. When you're Terrell Pryor, sure, you can pick your school. But what if you're the #20 QB in the country? Would you go to USC, knowing that they've probably recruited the #3 QB in the country from your class as well?

USC's talent 
August 13, 2008