Sacramento: they may not be good, but they sure are fun

By Jason Wojciechowski on November 3, 2009 at 10:15 PM

I'm well late coming in with the roundup, but I spent the earlier part of the evening reading about the problem of too many published judicial opinions (... in 1949!) and watching FlashForward (which has really sucked me in -- I feel like the people who got in on the ground floor of Lost right now), Eastwick (so terrible but still amusing enough to watch), and Glee (I maintain that it's getting better, and I'm not sure there's a better show on a scene-by-scene basis -- its problems are at the next level up, putting aside the whole lip-synching issue). Fortunately, there were only five games last night.

Nets 68, Bobcats 79: I'm only mentioning this game because I'm forcing myself to say something about every game. Gerald Wallace went for 24/20, including seven offensive boards and four steals. There. Next!

Hornets 111, Knicks 117: I told my boy E-Sex (I've never called him that before -- I'm hoping he reads this and it catches on) that this would be a close game, five points either way, and that I'd lean toward the Knicks winning. He told me "no way". (I think that's an exact quote.) I will now collect my dollar, but I'll give him $0.25 back because it was actually a six-point win. Chris Paul did have 32 and 13 dimes, but his pal David West should be embarrassed to have collected only three rebounds. Big Cock had an off night, shooting just 1-6 from three, but Al Harrington made up the difference with 24 points off the bench. Problem was it took him 21 shots to get there. By the way: Larry Hughes? He started, played 40 minutes, and scored 20 points. Larry Hughes!

Rockets 113, Jazz 96: One of the basketball sabernerds whose Twitter I follow said something about this being a test game for Houston, because of how Utah always seems to give them fits. Well, consider that test passed. Houston put seven guys in double digits in scoring, including Chase Budinger (yes, that one) with 17 off the bench. Shane Battier put up a whopping +36 +/-, which seems pretty crazy for a starter in a 17-point game. That means that the Rockets were outscored by 19 in his 13 minutes on the bench. Deron Williams managed to foul out for the Jazz, the second point-guard foul-out in as many nights in the NBA. Paul Millsap also got the DQ in just 24 minutes off the bench.

Grizzlies 116, Kings 127: This was an overtime game, so that, along with the high score, is pretty exciting. Kevin Martin went off with 48, but the Kings had a strange team box score. Here were the starters' points scored: 48, 7, 3, 2, 0. Here was the bench: 21, 16, 15, 13, 2, 0. Really? Granted, Sean May only played nine minutes (while picking up four fouls) and Desmond Mason apparently got hurt because he played seven minutes with a full-zero box-score. I don't think I've ever seen a full-zero box-score from a starter who wasn't injured in the first minute of a game before.

Anyway, Iverson came off the bench for Memphis (and he's reportedly not happy about that), scoring 11, and three different Grizz had double-doubles: Rudy Gay with 21/13 (but 23 shots); Z-Bo with 30/16 (and a foul-out); and Gasol Jr. with 16/16. Spencer Hawes had 21/11/7 off the bench for Sacramento. He did miss all three of his threes. Yeah, Spencer Hawes is a 7'1" center, why do you ask?

T-Wolves 90, Clippers 93: Marcus Camby had one of those Marcus Camby nights: eight points, 15 boards (six offensive), and five blocks. And he got those five blocks while picking up just two fouls. Ricky Davis stared glumly at the court for the whole game. Minnesota? Well. Um. Corey Brewer had five steals. Nice, yeah?