More complaining about Kevin Durant

By Jason Wojciechowski on November 11, 2009 at 3:00 PM

Ok, so it turns out I lied and today's post did not go up this morning. I tried. Sorta. There was a minor computer issue that took three minutes to fix, but those three minutes ended up making me watch about three hours of TV (White Collar is better than it should be), so here we are.

Orlando 93, Charlotte 81: Charlotte's not very good, and their scores make me think they're also not very exciting. Vince Carter came back to the Magic in this game, but JJ Redick was still the starter. Vince tied for the team lead in scoring with 15 anyway, though. Dwight Howard actually led the team in assists with six, although he also had five turnovers. Boris Diaw had eight assists and Gerald Wallace had three steals. Woo!

Washington 76, Miami 90: The Wizards' second half resulted in a whopping 27 points, evenly split between the two quarters. That's ugly. Despite continuing futility, Flip Saunders stayed with his starters all game, to the tune of 45, 39, 40, 40, and 42 minutes. The bench scored two points and took four shots. Gilbert Arenas had twelve turnovers and shot 7-20. Maybe he's still hung over from riding in Rainn Wilson's cab. Dwyane Wade had 41 for the winners and Jermaine O'Neal finally remembered he's Jermaine O'Neal and went back to nonentity status.

Denver 90, Chicago 89: The highlights said this was a crazy game, with Chauncey Billups going to the line with 0.6 to go and the game tied, hitting the first, missing the second on purpose, but the refs claiming that Chicago caught the rebound and got a timeout with 0.3 left. Then on a catch-and-shoot, Brad Miller hit a shot to win it, but the shot was, on replay, shown to have left his hand too late. Each team had 15 offensive rebounds, with Birdman, Nene, and Joakim Noah having 4, 5, and 6 respectively. Noah grabbed 21 rebounds overall.

Porland 93, Memphis 79: Memphis is 1-7. Shocker. Hasheem Thabeet, sadly, only played one minute before Z-Bo (accidentally!) broke his jaw. Marc Gasol led Memphis with 20, including 10-13 from the line, proving that the team wasn't in desperate need of Thabeet's services anyway. Greg Oden had 14 points but only six rebounds, and he committed five fouls in just 23 minutes. It's a work in progress.

Houston 103, Dallas 121: Jason Terry shot 7-8 en route to 24 and Erick Dampier had 20 rebounds, taking advantage, presumably, of Houston's lack of size. Shane Battier had an awful night, shooting 1-6 from three, 1-8 overall, grabbing just one rebound, and managing a -24 plus/minus.

Thunder 98, Sacramento 101: Up-and-coming young teams sometimes lose games they should win, especially on the road. Also, Sacramento is 4-4, which is a huge shock, although two of the other three wins were Golden State and Memphis (and they needed OT against Memphis). Jason Thompson led the Kings in scoring with 21 and also had 14 rebounds, seven offensive. He did have five turnovers and five fouls, though. Tyreke Evans had an off night shooting the ball, but he still wound up with 20/8/8. (Also five turnovers and five fouls, though. There's a trend!) Kevin Durant could learn something from Evans about how to contribute when he's not shooting well: Durant shot 9-23, although his 18-18 from the line resulted in 37 points, but he added just five rebounds and two assists. Twenty-three field goal attempts, eighteen free throws, five turnovers, and two assists says Durant had the ball in his hands a lot. It also says that the ball didn't leave his hands once it got there.